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Laid to Rest - 75 Years in Pictures and Stories


Laid To Rest documents the history of Hills of Rest Memorial Park and a lot of the stories that made it the remarkable place that it is today.

Designed as a coffee table book, every page is an individual story accompanied by historic photos.  You can read the whole book at once, or one story at a time.  But through the course of reading you will get a clearer picture of what life on the prairie was like over the past seven decades.  Laid to Rest even includes an appendix that lists every interment at the cemetery from its very beginning.


Get your copy of Laid to Rest!
Full color pages inside of Laid to Rest. Laid to Rest was written to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the cemetery.  Co-authors, Jeff Gould and Steve Johnson, researched and interviewed builders, founders, workers and board members.

The many photos in the book are the result of countless hours of researching boxes and boxes of old documents, photos and obituaries.  The Great Depression, World War II, the polio epidemic, heartache and even humor can all be found on the pages of Laid to Rest.


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