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Buy flowers direct from hills of rest!

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The Harmony Urn Vault is available for purchase from
Hills of Rest Cemetery.

      Hills of Rest Cemetery permits burial of cremated remains in a standard grave within the cemetery.  Hills of Rest requires that the cremation urn be placed in an outside burial container, or in other words, a cremation vault.  The vault's purpose is to withstand the pressure of the earth so that over time the grave will not collapse.  Hills of Rest Cemetery sells the Harmony Urn Vault, a lined and sealing outside container made of concrete.  It is large enough to accommodate almost any sized cremation urn.  The inside dimensions of the vault are 12" by 12" tapering to 11" by 11" at the bottom.  The cavity is 14" top to bottom when closed.
      Hills of Rest Cemetery allows one exception to the  requirement of the use of a cremation vault.  That exception is the placement of the cremated remains into a cremation marker receptacle.  See the illustration at the bottom of the page.

      Hills of Rest Cemetery allows up to two interments into the same grave space.  If a second person is to be interred into the same space, a second right of interment must be purchased for the double use of the grave space.

  Illustration of a cremation grave marker that has a cremation receptacle.
      Hills of Rest Cemetery does not allow scattering of cremated remains within the cemetery.


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