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Flower Rules And Regulations
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You can print the Hills of Rest Cemetery Flower Regulations by clicking on the print icon to the right.  When you do, a new window will open.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this file.

  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free version of it by clicking on the Adobe icon to the left.

Hills of Rest Cemetery Flower Regulations

Our responsibility as a cemetery is to keep the grounds beautiful to all who will visit throughout the year.  Hills of Rest is a memorial  park and not a traditional cemetery with upright monuments.  It is meant to be a beautiful, peaceful open park-like setting.  For that reason, the cemetery many years ago designed regulations regarding flowers that can be placed on graves.  These basic regulations are still in effect today.

Fresh-cut flowers placed in an approved bronze vase of a memorial marker are allowed anytime.  When fresh-cut flowers have wilted, the cemetery grounds crew will remove and discard them and turn the memorial vase down into its storage area.

If a marker does not have a vase, a temporary vase can be supplied by Hills of Rest Cemetery for your use.

Artificial flowers are not permitted during the mowing season from April 1st to October 1st.   Artificial flowers are made with wires.  Most of the time, artificial flowers are all attached together into one bouquet that can easily be caught by the wind and blown throughout the cemetery.  When mowers hit artificial flowers the wires can damage markers, mower equipment and even injure cemetery personnel.  Secondly, artificial flowers are often times placed at a grave and left and eventually forgotten.  In a short time, the colors begin to fade and the flowers in general begin to get dirty and weather—looking worse and worse as time passes.  Because of these reasons, Hills of Rest Cemetery will only allow artificial flowers during the winter from October 1st until April 1st.

Flags as part of a floral bouquet in an approved vase are allowed.  When the flowers have wilted the cemetery staff will remove the flowers and flag and put the vase down into storage.  Flags are not allowed to be stuck in the ground around the marker.  (See exceptions during Memorial Day.)
Evergreen wreaths, both real and artificial are allowed and encouraged during the Christmas season.  Live Evergreen wreaths can be ordered through the Hills of Rest Office for placement on graves during the Christmas season.  Depending on weather, ALL Christmas wreaths, flowers and any Christmas-looking displays must be removed by February 1st.

Memorial Day.  Hills of Rest Cemetery relaxes the regulations during the Memorial Day weekend.  Beginning at noon on the Friday before the Memorial Day national holiday, the cemetery will allow the placement of all types of floral displays, including cut flowers, potted plants, artificial flowers, wreaths and flags.  These displays can stay in place for one week until the weekend after Memorial Day.  Beginning the Monday of the week following Memorial Day, the cemetery grounds crew will remove all decorations.  If you wish to keep your decoration, it is your responsibility to remove it within the allotted time.

Any artificial flowers or unauthorized decorations that have been removed by the cemetery staff are not immediately discarded.  These items are placed in a bin near the maintenance building and can be reclaimed by the owner within a reasonable time following their removal.  The cemetery is not responsible for the loss or theft of any floral display.

The following are not permitted: (See exceptions during Memorial Day.)

  • Balloons
  • Candles
  • Solar-powered glowing cemetery products
  • Glass jars or ceramic vases
  • Cement or granite urns
  • Wooden planters
  • Potted plants
  • Planting anything in the soil
  • Potting soil or dirt in the bronze marker vases
  • Glass or ceramic flowers in outdoor marker vases or placed on markers

Hills of Rest Cemetery reserves the right for the grounds superintendent to remove any items left at a grave site that in his determination and at his discretion are inappropriate and do not comply with the spirit of the rules.


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