Thursday, 22 February 2018
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Buy flowers direct from hills of rest!

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Flower Placement Program


Remembering to Remember

      Many people remember to place flowers on the graves of those they love at special times, but others of us forget.  Hills of Rest Cemetery now offers a way to make sure that flowers will always be in place on that special day.

      Here is how our Flower Placement Program works:
  • Families can choose a date or dates that are significant to them, for example, Memorial Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or maybe the birthday of the person who has passed away.
  • The family invests one lump sum with Hills of Rest Cemetery based upon how many flower placements per year that are requested and for what length of time.
  • The Hills of Rest staff will place a fresh-cut flower bouquet, or seasonally appropriate bouquet on the grave with no payments or reminders needed.

      Families can choose up to three placements per year for either a ten-year period or twenty-year period.
      If you would like to know more about the Flower Placement Program, please contact us.


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